Vivocoin Mini White Paper

Vivocoin will be the Agile Coin

The overall purpose of Vivocoin is being an easy to use cryptocurrency, profitable, available and easily convertible. The intention is: There will be no specific industry that it will serve, in fact, it will serve multiple industries because it will be a Vivocoin infrastructure.

What is being promised is “continuous improvement” until we hit gold. Multiple projects are being pursued on the road map and we don’t know which will be that great success.

Many specific purposes have been looked at, as in crowdfunding, gaming, gambling, etc. Vivocoin will serve any purpose when the resources are available to do so. We will not limit the vision to only one specific purpose. The important factor is that Vivocoin is not going to reinvent the wheel. It will use proven technologies from other coins to achieve goals.

The core of the Vivocoin vision is agility, not about enforcing one single direction but cognizant of what opportunities and resources become available and adapting. If there is an opportunity to do something profitable because the resources exist, it will be done. If a game exists that can easily be integrated it will, while if some gambling code can be integrated it will be. If Vivocoin can be used to facilitate escrows and exchanges it will be. We are simply being honest about what method will be used rather than having some grand scheme where you find out nothing of value is being contemplated.

Vivocoin will act as a coin spawner. There were be several other coins that one will own, simply by owning Vivocoin. Vivocoin will be the controlling asset amongst the several coins that it will spawn. One coin will specifically deal with zero knowledge issues, another may deal with private messaging, and another may deal with private storage. As time goes one, we will decide based on capability and opportunity.

Coins are grouped as privacy coins

Vivocoin itself will not become a complete privacy coin because of the dangers of being delisted. There is mounting pressure to delist coins that will do so.
The problem with privacy coins is that ultimately they can be delisted by governmental pressure. So Vivocoin itself will not embed zero-knowledge proofs but rather will have off chain techniques of providing privacy.

Instead, Vivocoin will have sister coins. Coins which will have that feature and that Vivocoin owners can obtain due to their possession of Vivocoin.
Vivocoin has no choice but to have a presence on some exchanges for multiple reasons.

Private over the counter exchanges will have to be provided to ensure the trade-ability of Vivocoin.