Vivocoin 2019 Roadmap

In house Explorers
Standard one and Text One 100%
  • Standard Explorer
  • Summary Text Version
  • Detailed Text Version
Vivo Companion Discord Bot Creation
Block Count and Masternode Status 100%
Making Vivocoin Masternode Profitable
Removing IP4 limitation 100%
Bootstrap System Created
Bootstrap always available for Download 100%
Vivocoin Webwallet Created
Web Wallet Available 100%
Install Sccript for Multi Masternodes
Interactive Linux Script 100%
Management of MultiInstall
Make it Easy 3%
  • Simple Linux Install
  • Windows Research
Install Script for Google Cloud
Enabling Mulitmasternodes for Free for a Year 77%
  • Will Require Better Guides
Stabilizing Seednodes and Checkpoints
DNS Seeds setup and updated 100%
Coordination of Mining fo Vivocoin
All Miners Status on one Page 100%
Stabilizing Network Since January Chainsplit Problem
Version 12.1.14 83%
  • Will Require one or two more builds
Moving Web Site
In progress 2%
Mini Whitepaper
Whitepaper 50%
Moving to POS
Going very slow and cautiously 5%
Discord Based Escrow System
Deal Making Using Discord 2%

Being Researched

Vivo Tiny Exchange
Exchange 6%
Masternode Monitoring System
Discord Based Monitoring 5%
Automatic Reindexing When off Chain
Autoreindex 5%
Latest Version Indicator In Wallet
Warning System 1%
Cryptobridge Trading Bot
trading bot 1%

Most Important Problems to Deal With

Large Block Times
Neoscrypt Issue 7%
Lack of Coordinated Marketing
No engagement 10%
Sentinel Is In the Way
Removal of Sentinel 8%