Collateral Change Upgrade

Collateral Change Upgrade

Mandatory Wallet Upgrade for Vivocoin

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Version : v0.12.1.9
Github (as usual): when released:
Development happens on:
This is a Mandatory Upgrade.
Info on any special details/changes:
Standard Update, no change in the building. Build as before. (Assuming you build from source)

  • VIVO will have a new wallet. The purpose is to increase the masternode collateral amount in addition to pushing people to upgrade to the new wallet. (Many have wallets that are three generations ago)
  • The blockchain has no changes.
  • The protocol version has been incremented but new and old wallets transfer funds the same way as before.

Currently, the collateral change will activate in the wallet approximately between the 25th of December and January 5th. It will happen at (block 330897) and older wallets will be banned.


MAC and Windows Wallets can be downloaded from Github

The latest dev changes can be viewed on the master branch of:
The master branch contains the anticipated changes.
Releases, as usual, will be merged into the master branch of:

We had to move the activation time to near end of December because Exchanges needed a month lead time to do what they need to do.
The wallet will need to be upgraded now, otherwise, it will be banned and setting up a masternode after that will be a very frustrating and difficult experience.
If you are a miner or an exchange or just have a wallet without a masternode, all you need to do is upgrade your wallet and everything should work the same as before. If you have a masternode, there are multiple steps that have to be followed.

This upgrade requires 2 Phases, the first phase (right now) is to make sure you have the latest wallet before the changeover, and the final phase is to change your collateral amount. It is important to have the latest wallets soon because it takes around 2 weeks for the entire network to recognize any wallet.

Phase 1, updating (controlling wallet, then VPS, and then start alias)

1. The controlling wallet needs to be updated. (usually a Windows or Mac Wallet)
2. When updating the wallet, please remove any addnodes
3. Then start and confirm that it has synced and masternodes are visible
4. If already installed, updated, or if not installed, install the VPS software. Scripts are provided.
5. Once the VPS wallet is fully synced, (start alias on) the masternode on the controlling wallet is to be started again. (The protocol has changed so the VPS masternode will not be recognized until started again) Do not change the collateral amount at this point. Simply wait for the current masternode (with 1000 VIVO) to function as is and wait until the end of December.

Phase 2, End of December (changing collateral on controlling wallet)

6. End of December, unlock your coins and send 5000 to one address. Update the masternode.conf
7. After the changeover block has been reached, start the masternode.

Some will ask, why this couldn’t be done in one shot. Several issues prevent immediate changeover, changing the software does not mean the network will agree on everything.

  • There has to be a “critical mass” built for a consensus to form.
  • Most importantly the exchanges wanted a month advance notice.
  • And there has to some time for virus checkers to confirm that there is no problem.

To Update

  • If you have done a custom build to create your masternode, nothing has changed.
  • If you have used docker you will need to reinstall.
  • If you have used the coolblock scripts before then all you need to do is run the update script and the start new alias on your controlling wallet.
  • If you need to install from scratch (on Ubuntu 16)
  • wget -qO- | sudo bash

More detailed information on installing or upgrading is on the coolblock GitHub page